Yoga Mat / Martas Yoga Bodygym





Harga Yoga Mat Body Gym Rp 195.000,- + sarung

P x LxT = 60 cm x 172 cm x 3 mm

Plus Sarung

Warna Pink motif, Pink Polos, Biru polos

Adjustable Soft Wrist / ankle Weight 5 lb Bodyslupture



Harga Adjustable Soft Wrist / Ankle Weight 5 Lb Body Slupture Rp 338.000,-

Handle: Tricep Rope / Tambang Ktrol



Harga Tricep Rope / Tambang Katrol Rp.648.000

Handle: Single Handle Tali

handle Single Handle tali


Harga Single Handle Tali Rp.300.000

Handle: Single Handle Besi


handle single handle besi


Harga Single Handle Besi Rp.300.000

Handle V Press Down Bar


handle v press down bar


Harga Handle V Press Down Bar Rp.350.000

Handle V Lat Bar Gymex




Harga Handle V Lat Bar Gymex Rp.300.000

Handle Paralel V Bar


handle paralel v bar


Harga Parrallel V Bar Rp.300.000

Paralel V Bar Long


handle paralel v bar long


Harga Pararel V Bar Long Rp.400.000

Double Handle


double handle


double handle 2


Harga Double Handle Solid Rp 400.000,-

Harga Double Handle Hollow Rp 300.000,-

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